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From these charts, the following information can be derived:

1)  The total system cost will be $45,119.

2) After the US Federal Income Tax Credit of $13,535, the net system cost to you will be $31,583.

3) The system will produce $1,108.96 in electrical savings, per year, assuming a current rate of $.08/kWh.

4) The Washington State Incentive payment will be $5000 per year. ($.54 per kWh x 13,862 = $7,486, however the maximum payment, per year, that can be received is $5000)


1) Electrical usage saved ($1,108.96 x 6).......$6,653
2) WA State Incentive payments received.....$30,000
                     Total Benefits.....$36,653



In only SIX YEARS, the system will pay for itself ... and then continue to produce substantial income and savings!


(All numbers are approximations. Although not guaranteed, they are believed to be accurate enough for representative planning purposes.)







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