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(For a similar 9.80 kW system, as pictured above)

Now, until June, 2020, there is a "WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY" open for solar users.

Washington state will reward solar system owners, using Washington State manufactured solar equipment, with $.54 for every kilowatt hour of energy produced and sold back into the power grid. (Some limitations) In addition, the power generated can also be used to offset your current electrical power needs.

With the current 30% Federal Tax Credit and the Washington State incentive payment,
the entire system can be paid for very quickly
and continue to provide electrical power for many future years. (Washington incentive not available in Idaho)

  System Cost

System cost will vary, depending on where the system is physically located and the particular system chosen. For general planning purposes, a complete grid-tie solar system, using Washington State manufactured equipment will cost about $4500 per kilowatt (kW). For example, a 10 kW system (left-hand photo) will be approximately $45,000. (Approximately $31,500, after tax credit)

  How do I pay for it

Using a normal bank loan and a 25% down payment, with the tax credit, electrical bill savings and incentives received, the system can pay for itself within an eight year period, or less! That's right:
25% down and no more out-of-pocket payments.

How is it done?


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Note: These figures are believed to be accurate, but are not guaranteed nor an offer.

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