How to Install a surplus Tuff Torq K66Y
We will help change your installation from "almost impossible" to "fairly easy."

The K66Y is ONLY APPLICABLE to the following mowers:

● Husqvarna mowers (All, except hand control models)
● John Deere X300, X320 and X340. It will NOT work in the X304, X300R or models with power steering.)
● Simplicity (Most models ... check first.)
● Craftsman (Many models ... check first.)

Unfortunately, it will NOT WORK in the John Deere L, LA or D series.

We are offering all the parts and a detailed Installation Manual for you to successfully install your K66Y in your tractor. Some parts are no longer available from other sources and are custom made by us. These "Mini Kits" are well thought out and engineered, with over seven years experience. I think you might "pull your hair out" trying to figure out the installation and parts requirement on your own.

Typically, the Mini-Kits provide all the parts found in the normal $2250 Complete Kit, except for the K66Y. For example: New rims or hubs, as applicable, (You can choose 8" or 12" rims. Be sure to phone us first.) set of custom reinforcement brackets, if applicable, new belt, new fan, custom trunnions ... and everything else required. There is NOTHING else you will need to buy, except for tires IF you choose a different rims size.

A beautifully detailed, color, Installation Manual is included. With the Kit and Manual, your installation should be easy, fast and hassle free.

The price for the Mini Kit is $799, with FREE shipping, within the lower 48 states. You can purchase a kit by phoning us with a credit card or, upon request, we will send you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay locally.

BOTTOM LINE: You can save over $1000 ... and a lot of frustration ... by buying a surplus K66Y yourself and the Mini Kit from us. Plus, you get a "Forever Warranty" on all the parts we supply!

Feel free to contact RJR Tractor with any questions or concerns:

Call Toll free: (877) 333-8811 (8am - 8pm Pacific Time)

Ask a question via email

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